Heavy-Duty One?Handed Bar Clamp


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SINGLE FLUTE bits are ideal for cutting soft woods.  The bit has high rake angles with large chip capacity.  


Product   No.Cutter      Dia.Cutting      Lgth APN
SOLID TUNGSTEN CARBIDE 40mm OVERALL 1/4"     (6.4mm) Dia. Shank
12T203M3.0mm      –6.3mm      1/4”9416206010001
12T204M4.0mm      5/32”9.5mm      3/8”9416206010018
12T205M5.0mm      –12mm      1/2”9416206010025
12T205.5M5.5mm      7/32”12mm      1/2”9416206010032
12T206M6.0mm      15/64”16mm      1/2”9416206000064

TWO FLUTES bits are for general purpose routing of slots, grooves, slotting, mortising and rebating. End relieved for normal plunging jobs.


Product No.Cutter      Dia.Cutter      Lgth APN
STANDARD LENGTH 1/2”   (12.7mm)   Diameter x 1 5/8” (40mm) Long Shank
12T1406.4M6.4mm      1/4”16mm      5/8”9416206000507
12T1406.6M6.6mm      .260”19mm      3/4”9416206000958
12T1408M8.0mm      5/16”19mm      3/4”9416206000514
12T1409M9.0mm      23/64”19mm      3/4”9416206000521
12T1409.5M9.5mm      3/8”19mm      3/4”9416206000538
12T1410M10.0mm      25/64”19mm      3/4”9416206000545
12T1411M11.0mm      7/16”32mm      11/4”9416206000552
12T1412M12.0mm      15/32”32mm      11/4”9416206000569
12T1412.7M12.7mm      1/2”32mm      11/4”9416206000576
12T1413M13.0mm      33/64”32mm      11/4”9416206000583
12T1413.2M13.2mm      .520”32mm      11/4”9416206000965
12T1416M16.0mm      5/8”32mm      11/4”9416206000613
12T1417M17.0mm      43/64”32mm      11/4”9416206000637
12T1417.5M17.5mm      11/16”32mm      11/4”9416206000644
12T1418M18.0mm      45/64”32mm      11/4”9416206000651
12T1419M19.0mm      3/4”32mm      11/4”9416206000668
12T1420M20.0mm      25/32”32mm      11/4”9416206000675
12T1425M25.0mm      63/64”32mm      11/4”9416206000705
12T1432M32.0mm      11/4”32mm      11/4”9416206000736


Product No.Cutter     Dia.Cutter     LgthAPN
LONG LENGTH 1/4"(6.4mm)     Diameter x 1 1/4"(32mm) Long Shank
12TX206M6.0mm      15/64”22mm      7/8”9416206000293
12TX206.4M6.4mm      1/4”22mm      7/8”9416206000309
12TX208M8.0mm      5/16”25mm      1”9416206000316
12TX212.7M12.7mm      1/2”25mm      1”9416206000330


Product No.Cutter       Dia.Cutting       LgthAPN
STANDARD LENGTH 1/4” (6.4mm)     Diameter x 1” (25mm) Long Shank
12T206.4M6.4mm      1/4”16mm      5/8”9416206000071
12T208M8.0mm      5/16”19mm      3/4”9416206000095
12T209M9.0mm      23/64”19mm      3/4”9416206000101
12T209.5M9.5mm      3/8”19mm      3/4”9416206000118
12T210M10.0mm      25/64”19mm      3/4”9416206000125
12T211M11.0mm      7/16”19mm      3/4”9416206000132
12T212M12.0mm      5/32”19mm      3/4”9416206000149
12T212.7M12.7mm      1/2”19mm      3/4”9416206000156
12T213M13.0mm      33/64”19mm      3/4”9416206000163
12T216M16.0mm      5/8”19mm      3/4”9416206000194
12T216.5M16.5mm      21/32”19mm      3/4”9416206000200
12T217M17.0mm      43/64”19mm      3/4”9416206000217
12T218M18.0mm      45/64”19mm      3/4”9416206000231
12T219M19.0mm      3/4”19mm      3/4”9416206000248
12T220M20.0mm      25/32”19mm      3/4”9416206000255
12T222M22.0mm      7/8”19mm      3/4”9416206000903
12T225M25.0mm      63/64”19mm      3/4”9416206000279


Product No.Cutter      Dia.Cutter      LgthAPN 
LONG REACH 1/2”       (12.7mm) Diameter x 1 5/8” (40mm) Long Shank
12TX1408M8.0mm       5/16”25mm      1”9416206001986
12TX1412.7M12.7mm      1/2”50mm      2”9416206000804

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